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Isimemen Aladejobi

with Isimemen Aladejobi

You are bigger than a job that

makes you shrink,

pays you pennies,


steals your joy.


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You went to the right schools.

Got all the right degrees.

Joined the professional clubs.

Worked on and volunteered for the right projects.

Accepted that lowball offer after graduation because it had potential and promised growth.

Waited patiently for promotion only to be overlooked and unacknowledged.

Played nice even when you wanted to clap back in meetings.

Right now:

You’re stuck in a job that makes you question your worth, education, and value.

Your confidence is shaken because you're consistently overlooked for promotion even though you're a top performer.

Your relationships are crumbling because the crazy hours you work leave little energy to do anything.

You feel unappreciated, overworked & overlooked and you’re sick of it.

You can’t seem to find your voice in a sea of negativity and microaggressions.

You should be:

Waking up Monday mornings excited about going into work because you authentically love what you do.

Smiling every time you look at your bank account and 401k because they've grown by leaps and bounds.

Full of confidence because it’s clear that your work, input, and contributions are valued.

Full of joy and excitement because you’re progressing and have a clear path to promotion.

Planning a post-COVID vacation with your girls because you can afford to relax, reset, and invest in your relationships.

Confidently using your voice to share ideas and topics that matter most to you as a Black woman and woman of color.

But you still aren't further along.

Here's why sis...

Purpose can’t be the Plan B, it has to be the blueprint.

You can’t land your dream job and live a rich life if you’re not clear on who you are and why God put you on this Earth.

Securing your dream job, landing that promotion, building a lucrative side hustle, and living a rich life ALL starts with your why.

Once you’ve uncovered your purpose, you can lay out the step-by-step strategy to get everything else you want.

You’ve been using outdated tactics like applying online into the black hole called Indeed.com.

There are specific strategies top performers are using to land their dream jobs, get $30K salary increases, double promotions, and experience mind-blowing fulfillment.

And I want to share them with you!

Which is why I created:



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Here's what your Fulfilled life looks like. You...


Wake up on Monday morning energized and excited about your work because what you do fuels your calling & ignites your joy.


Know the exact steps you need to take to kill it at your new job and position yourself for an incontestable promotion in 6 short months.


Have fierce clarity around where your career is headed and the step by step strategy to make sure you get there.


Have the confidence and the exact words to turn a meager 2-percent raise into a salary two times what you currently make.


Understand how exactly to navigate your company culture, build a stellar reputation, and become the undeniable choice for the best projects.


Launch a side business leveraging your industry knowledge that brings in an additional 5 - 6 figures of income.


Experience joy and abundance in the areas that matter most to you - Christian faith, finances, friendships, productivity & mindset.

Ladies! As before, I posted how much I was unclear about my next move. I joined, and after the first two weeks, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and went for it. Fast forward to today, and I already received a job offer!! Man, all things work out together for your good once you put your trust in him. I was so nervous if this was in God's will, and he showed up!! To the point, where I still have interviews lined up!! God is good! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Isi Aladejobi !!!!



Landed her dream job!

I am SOOO excited and still in a little disbelief to be able to share this but I just received a job offer for a dream job with a significant pay increase, at a great company in the middle of a global pandemic!!! Listen ladies when I tell you God puts in work. I have been looking for the right job for THREE YEARS, was so unclear of what I even wanted, got rejected after rejection after rejection and after only TWO MONTHS in this program I have this offer!!! Y'all I can't believe it. Sharing to say like Isi told me on our first conversation: if you put in the work this program will WORK for you. Thank you Isi Aladejobi and Sharifa Gomez.


Significant pay raise!

From the Dream Job Challenge to enrolling in the program, I have been receiving multiple interviews all have gone pretty well and they gave me the opportunity to use some of the gems I learned in the DJC. Well with the holidays and new year call backs were not coming, and although my anxiety was getting the best Of me, I remained patient. Yesterday I got 2 call backs with offers ranging from $95k to 133k this is a 30-55% increase in salary! #winning.


55% increase in salary!

I got contacted by a recruiter and I pursued the lead...little did I know I would meet a surprising and welcomed opportunity. I was offered an executive level position taking my career to a whole different level.

Counting on my blessings and at the best possible time to put Isi's networking tips to the max-specially being that the role I accepted is in Business Development. I'm confident in my strengths, value, and purpose all aligning with this new opportunity.


Now an Executive!

I've been sitting on this for a few days because I wanted to wait for a formal letter in writing, but I'm happy to share that after grinding in the MJB program, incessant networking, writing a bomb application, and 4+ rigorous interviews (including a case study presentation)—l've been offered a position as an Associate Consultant with my DREAM company in NYC!!!

The consulting and HR departments within the company were fighting over. It feels surreal to know that this is the beginning of forever for me. I'm so grateful for all of your continued support throughout this entire process and of course the amazing spirit and expertise of Isi Aladejobi and Sharifa Gomez! I want to say that this is possible for all of us. For those of you who are in the beginning stages of the program, you're in for a ride. I cannot wait to congratulate all of you!


Nailed rigorous interviews

Hello ladies! I wanted to share a win with you. I have landed my dream job in a new city (Washington DC). I will be working tor an amazing organization with lots of room for professional growth. I couldn't have been as confident throughout this intense interviewing process without Isi's program.


Professional Growth

Sho has a #win. So this happened today. Still in happy shock. This is a dream company of mine. The modules and this group are the BEST things that have happened to me since I was laid off from my job in March due to the pandemic. I had to go back and look at what I used to apply LOL! I 100% believe that Super Star resume got me to this step. I've never done a digital interview before. I'm about to go back over module 7.
Ladies, THIS PROGRAM WORKS! This is well worth any investment that I've made in a while.


Great community

When I started working with Isi & her team. I had been unemployed for a long time; so long I am too embarrassed to even say. I couldn't afford to the program.
I had asked a few friends so that I could afford the initial down payment.

I was really down and had zero confidence. Today, I signed on a 6 figure role which included a 10k counter offer which was accepted in less than 24 hours. I got it all!!! God fulfilled His promises to me and He used the Isi & her team in my joyful journey to infinite wealth and joyful abundance!!!


Landed a 6 figure job

You may be thinking, Isi this sounds great, but how? How can this work for me?

"I’ve taken multiple courses, and I’m still at square one."

"I don’t want to waste all my experience by transitioning careers.”

"I don’t even know what I really want to do.”

I know you may even feel confused about what next steps to take on your career journey. This is why you have to have a rock solid plan for your dream job journey or you'll make critical mistakes that leave you stuck for years and no closer to the success you desire.

Without strategy, tools, and guidance, even ordinary challenges can knock the wind out of you as you climb the career ladder.

This is why I created Fulfilled, the most comprehensive coaching program for Black professional women and women of color who want to uncover their purpose, secure their dream jobs, land their next promotion, and live a rich life.

In addition to strategizing your next big career move, we will help you level up in the areas that mean the most to you - your Christian faith, friendships, finances, mindset, and productivity.

 We are addressing the whole woman because leveling up in your career means nothing if you aren’t experiencing abundance in the areas that matter most.

In Fulfilled, we provide transformative training, toolkits and frameworks paired with high-touch support, coaching, and personal feedback to ensure that you have the keys to building your dream career and your rich life.

Living a rich life means experiencing abundance in the areas that matter most to you. In addition to killer career strategies, you’ll receive strategy and training in the following areas:






...and much more!

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with Isimemen Aladejobi

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Isimemen Aladejobi

We combine transformative training, toolkits and frameworks with over-the-shoulder training and an insane level of support through bi-weekly (2x a month) coaching calls, personal feedback on your work, and connection through community. 

You’re never alone in this. Women in our community represent multiple industries and are striving to unlock a similar level of success.

Our coaches provide unparalleled support via group coaching sessions and provide thorough feedback and strategy.

We understand that it takes much more than a resume template and a new Linkedin profile picture to land that perfect opportunity. We will show you how to go from where you are now to where you truly deserve to be.

The result:

Unshakeable confidence, uncovered purpose, secured opportunities, and an abundant life.

There is a HUGE opportunity with companies pushing diversity now more than ever. They are looking to level the playing field and make REAL CHANGE as people demand more diversity in the workplace.

In the next few months, we are going to see the greatest push for diverse hires that we’ve ever seen and I want you positioned for the overflow of opportunities.

Now is the best tine to pivot & reset!

By starting now, you’ll be prepared to hand pick your dream opportunity. It’s time!
This is your chance to reimagine your life and your career on your terms!
We provide the tools necessary to reengineer your life for success.

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Apply Now!

Apply now!

We are so excited to see if you're a good fit to work with us in Fulfilled. Please take a minute to complete the form below so we can learn more about you and see how we can help you uncover your purpose, land your dream job, and live a rich life.

Please make sure to give as much explanation as possible. This is your chance to make an impression and let us know if you would be a good addition to Fulfilled! 

Hi, I'm Isi Aladejobi, I'm the Founder of Powerful Women Make Power MoveS.


Isimemen Aladejobi

Isimemen Aladejobi

A community of Black women and women of color who want to kill it in their careers and win in their lives. I've helped MULTIPLE women secure their dream jobs and live richer lives. They've gotten 30% salary increases, $13K raises, double promotions, crazy increases in confidence, and so much more!

I have a FIERY desire to see Black women and women of color win PERIOD. I've used my special System to secure my dream job not once, but twice and have now helped other women do the exact same!

There's a lot of junk online and flat out misinformation about how to successfully navigate your career. A lot of "5 Steps to Getting Your Next Job", but not the nitty gritty on HOW exactly to do it.

I'm on a mission to make sure you know EXACTLY what strategies are working right now to land your dream job and kill it in your career so that you can live your dream life.

For just one position, there are HUNDREDS of applications. How do you stand out like the gem you are amongst a sea of lookalikes?

By using the strategies we teach in Fulfilled, you will build authentic relationships, crazy confidence, and story selling assets that leave hiring managers screaming, "She's THE ONE! We FOUND EXACTLY who we've been looking for!

You'll finally have companies chasing you, pressing you out! Can you imagine a world where recruiters and hiring managers are fighting over you? I want that to become your reality.

Join Fulfilled

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Keep reading...

These women followed my step-by-step strategies and had incredible results. The system works if you do!

If you’ve written

prayer journal multiple times and


this close to resigning

As a Black professional woman and women of color you’re the most educated and qualified member of the global workforce. Your company reaps the benefits of your ingenuity, hard work, and skillset, but they don’t see you. You deserve to be seen and compensated accordingly.

The strategy, support and expert guidance you need is available through Fulfilled. This program is the key to unlocking new doors for you!

"this ain't it"

in your

(pandemic and all)


it's time for a change!

this close to



and all) then

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Here's the truth:

Can I get straight to the heart of the matter here?

I know you’ve probably enrolled in a few digital courses that promised a whole lot but didn’t deliver much.

It’s not that you’re not working hard enough, it's that you haven’t had the right strategy and hustle without strategy gets you nowhere fast.

You’ve poured hours into applying for what looked like the perfect roles.

You’ve reworked your resume and updated your LinkedIn profile a million times, hoping that all the advice from Google would eventually pay off.

We are different. Here's how:


We guide you through a masterful introspection process that uncovers your strengths, gifts, and life’s purpose. You will reacquaint yourself with the woman you’ve lost while demolishing toxic mindsets. You will see yourself as the deserving beneficiary of wild success.




We Search the Heart

You’ll take a deep dive into our Joyful Job Discovery process where you’ll uncover positions and opportunities that are at the intersection of your passions, skills, experience, and interest. 

(Hey Beauty Queen, ever think of doing project management for Fenty Beauty? Yeah that could be your reality :)

We Journey to Discover Your Joyful Job

After you land the dream job, you’ll learn HOW TO KILL IT in those crucial “First 90 Days.”

Once you’ve nailed that, we’ll show you how to position yourself for promotion so that you’re NEVER overlooked again. Learn the unwritten rules that get you stellar performance reviews, visible and important projects, as well as work sponsors who go to bat on your behalf. You’ll build key relationships (without sucking up) and lead like the confident, experienced professional that you are.

It’s time to regain control of your career journey.

We Prep and Prime You for Promotion and Success 

There’s no rich life without abundance in the most important areas:

Christian Faith, Finances, Relationships, Mindset, and Productivity.

You’ll learn how to start a side hustle that brings in up to $1500 a month, automate your finances like a boss so that you’re saving & creating wealth on autopilot, grow a rich and incredible relationship with God, secure mentors, cultivate rich friendships, and build a winning mindset.

This program is career coaching, life coaching, and business coaching ALL WRAPPED into ONE. There’s no program like it out there, it is an ABSOLUTE GAME Changer!

We Unlock Abundance in Your 5 Golden Areas

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Life before Fulfilled...

You feel underwhelmed, stunted, and trapped because your career doesn’t make room for your God-given strengths and gifts.

You’re overlooked for promotion even though your contributions consistently carry the team across the finish line. After giving 300 percent on every project, you are offered a 3-percent raise.

You are the consummate professional; a survivalist. You work hard and always say yes— even if it means working more hours for praise and not pay.

Your discontentment with work is spilling over into the areas of your life-especially your relationship with God, yourself, and loved ones.

You’ve started to question if God sees you because other less-qualified, less committed people are securing opportunities with less effort.

Life after Fulfilled...

You’ve uncovered your purpose — the exact reason why you exist — and have developed a personal path toward enrichment, joy, and abundance in your career, Christian faith, finances, mindset, relationships, and overall life.

You have unshakeable confidence, crystal clarity, and unmatched joy.

The dream job that perfectly aligns with your career goals and dreams.

You’re making more money. Period.

You’ve become a strategic and purpose driven professional who secures multiple opportunities that align with your goals and dreams.

You have the courage to say no to anything that looks average or isn’t aligned.

You are insanely confident at work because you know how to successfully navigate & win in corporate America as a Black woman and woman of color.

It's time to 

live your fulfilled life!

Uncover Your Purpose

Land Your Dream Job

Your First
90 Days

Positioned for Promotion

Rich Life Unlocked

In Addition...

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includes access to all our premium training, templates, biweekly coaching, personal feedback on your work, support, and an incredible community.

Your purpose is inside of you, you just have to uncover it. Using our Golden Triangle system, you’ll inspect various areas of your life, weave together your golden threads, and finally get clear on what makes you tick. By the end, you will have uncovered your passions, strengths, skills, gifts, and purpose. You’ll use each of these pieces to craft your Golden Story - your unique “WHY YOU” statement.

Once you’ve nailed your purpose, it’s time to discover your Joyful Job. This is the job that aligns beautifully with your purpose, calling, strengths, experiences, skill set, and interests. You’ll use our signature MJB system, to identify, attract, and secure that dream job.

What you do and don’t do in the first 90 days of any new job is crucial. There are a set of unwritten rules (many of which people violate) around how to truly succeed when you first walk into a company. Learn our 5 Step SHINE system so that you can create a 30,60,90 day plan that sets you apart and blows your team away.

It’s time to own your career 100%. You’ll approach your career knowing the exact steps you need to take to break through the glass ceiling. Learn how to prepare for promotion, build key relationships with decision-makers and peers (hint: there’s no sucking up here), build your internal personal brand, land the best projects, deal with microaggressions, leverage performance reviews, and much more. Never let your career just happen to you again. It’s time to get intentional and strategic.

Walking in your purpose and killing it in your career is just the beginning. We take it a step further by providing strategies and playbooks that help you build a rich life in your 5 Golden Areas - Christian Faith, Friendships, Finances, Mindset & Productivity.

you’ll receive coaching, feedback, and support from a team of phenomenal coaches!

Your First 90 Days

module 1

module 2

module 3

module 4

module 5

Also included:

BiWeekly Group Coaching Calls

Receive biweekly coaching from Isi and her team. This exclusive coaching session is where you’ll get in-depth strategy and answers to all your questions. Bring your struggles, issues, and challenges - whatever the question is, we can tackle it!

Expert Feedback and Review of Your Work

Before each coaching session, you have the opportunity to submit your work and receive 1:1 feedback in a group setting. Imagine personalized feedback on your resume, cover letter, promotion strategy, personal website, job search strategy, side hustle, etc! Since it’s a group setting, you’ll be able to learn from the feedback given to others. This is one of the most valuable parts of the program!

Fulfilled VIP Template Vault

Resume, Cover Letter, Negotiation Scripts OH MY! - We provide templates and scripts so that you don’t have to create from scratch. Resume template, cover letter template, negotiation scripts, example interview questions, promotion conversation templates, dream job tracker, networking tracker, networking scripts, budget templates, daily schedule template, and much much more! The Fulfilled Vault is the perfect collection of resources!

Aligned Side Income

Build a Six Figure Stream of Income from Your Industry Knowledge! Learn how to build another stream of income based on your industry knowledge! You won’t have to hide it from your boss because it perfectly aligns with your career and skyrockets you to thought-leader status all while creating 5 - 6 figures of income for you!

In Depth Training on Your 5 Areas of Abundance

Learn the strategies necessary to unlock abundance in your 5 key areas - Christian faith, finances, friendships/relationships, mindset, productivity. We will provide trainings, templates, and support as you build your dream life. 

The most supportive community of Black professional women and women of color on the internet!

The community is one of the most powerful parts of Fulfilled. Imagine being surrounded by positive, highly-driven, goal-oriented women facing similar challenges and are ready to transform their lives.

You may feel like no one understands you and what it’s like to be the only one on your team. You can’t really talk to friends and colleagues because they don’t get it. 

That all changes with Fulfilled. 
When you join Fulfilled, you’ll finally have the support you need, a safe space to express yourself, and a group of women who understand you and your unique challenges. 

It’s the community you didn’t even know you needed.

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I just wanted to reach out to say thank you so much! I took the Course that gave a guideline on how to edit my resume and got a new job as a wellness Coach 2 weeks with a pay increase. I was truly amazed. I have been applying to jobs for a year and tried other methods. I thought. When cousin sent me your video "I mean why not, I'm sure I can learn something", learnt A LOT! So thank you so your service, and just wanted to let know you are making a difference in so many black lives including my own.



Making a difference

Soooo I love fitness, but haven't done anything since we relocated. I decided to apply the MJB steps and got offers to teach in two days. I didn't even interview y'all' I just implemented the networking points and made sure my fitness resume was straight. isi!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! #wins.


Multiple offers

I had to pull over to the side of the road to contain myself but you know Isi Aladejobi said people would open the door from the inside? I just got off the phone with an account manager at Google for the very same position I've been trying to apply tor for months at other companies. They want to bring me in for an interview next week. 1) this is a data analyst position. 2) it lets me use my math/programming analytical skill set in combination with my linguistics background. #Win.


Doors opening from inside

This program nurtures & supports you with partnership, support, coaching, and strategy.

Now before you let commitment-phobia set in, just think about how long you’ve worked in a role that shrinks you; one you’ve outgrown and want to leave. I designed Fulfilled to be the reset and rehabilitation you need to regain control of your life and career. During that time you can work at your own pace, knowing that you have that period to experience a life-altering transformation.

There is a whole lot of flexibility. You can access and complete the course lessons from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection! Our private course portal lets you complete lessons on your schedule and at your pace. If you can’t make a coaching session, no worries, we’ll answer your question during the session and send out the recording.

This program nurtures & supports you with  partnership, support, coaching, and strategy.


You are not ready if...

You want to dig deep to uncover your purpose and what makes you exceptional.

You want it all: fierce Christian faith, more vibrant personal relationships, a meaningful career, influence in your industry, joy, abundance, and everything that comes with a rich life.

You want to be paid what you’re worth doing work that aligns with your purpose, gifts, strengths, and skills.

You want to develop and cultivate critical relationships within your organization and department.

You want a raise, promotion, or career transition.

You want to launch an additional stream of income that doesn't interfere with your dream job and brings in up to $2K-10K a month.

You are ready if...

You’re afraid to invest in yourself.

You believe that hustling hard gives you better results than alignment and strategy.

You aren’t willing to think differently and try another way.

You aren’t coachable and you don’t want to work with a dedicated team of experts on your career growth strategy.

You don’t have the desire, attention or energy to commit to a transformational program.

You believe that you’ll get the same results from doing what you’ve always done.

You don’t believe that God has a personal interest in your development and success.

You don’t have to do this on your own. We’ll coach you through our 3 part Career Success Framework:

It's one thing to have a job, and its another thing to keep a job. For the last couple of weeks I have been struggling to handle the responsibilities of my role even though I'm at my dream job. The pay is perfect, the benefits are amazing, but I couldn't understand why I was struggling. Isi did the following: Put things into perspective regarding my mindset and how I viewed my current role. She also provided strategy on how I could talk to the right people that would help give me direction with that I could do to improve my work performance. She encouraged me and boosted my confidence by not criticizing me for thinking this way but rather she reaffirmed me and gave me actionable next steps.



Boosted confidence


The pandemic gave the events industry a solid kick in the stomach and I just KNEW I wasn't about to be doing what I loved (producing events, building communities, creating memories) any time soon...


Thanks to the work I put into this program (boss resume, flexing personal website, dozens of legit conversations with myself in the mirror) and the amazing new connection I made through this program (the queen Ashley Lee) who introduced me to a friend in the events industry, I JUST LANDED A JOYFUL JOB!!


Landed a joyful job

The Networking Your Way to Your Dream Opportunities module gave some great infromation about networking, which include how to network in person and how to network on LinkedIn. The network templates are great!!! . All this infromation they don't teach in college. I will be using that information to connect on LinkedIn with employers. Thanks Isi.


Now a networking pro

#progress. Earlier today, I received a call from a recruiter regarding an opportunity that I had applied for it (a former co worker recommended). It’s not the dream job but it would get me A LOT closer to it and the skills that I would acquire will really be a huge leverage towards the dream job.

I got a telephone screening on the fly, the recruiter was pleased and said he is going to move forward and pass my application on to the team. He said look for a telephone interview sometime next week.I printed his email because he also emailed me and it will go in my brag file.


Building a brag file

OMG!!!!!!! I’ve never had this happen before. I had a phone interview today for a role that I really would love to move into. I haven’t interviewed in some time and was super nervous but ended the interview strong.

30 minutes later I got the call for the in person interview!!! It will be in two weeks and the organizer has already called to set up travel arrangements!!! Isi thank you for EVERYTHING! #win I also have an informational interview with a VP next week for another company. #progress.


Multiple interviews

I just finished watching the "Your Golden Circle" video. Wooh...I will definitely be pushed out of my comfort zone with this. For so long I have become accustomed to just living in the background in employment as well as other areas of my life, not really discovering what I truly want or what will fuel/feed me. Part of me wants to revert to familiar habits of doing just enough, and not really put much into this, but NO. I refuse to keep living my life on auto-pilot when there is so much I have to offer an even more to gain. This may be a little challengeing but I know I'm up to it.


New comfort zone

Here's how we'll spend your time in Fulfilled


Slay the first 90 days of your new job and position yourself for promotion




1st 90 Days

Slay the first 90 Days and learn how to kill it at your company so you are prepared for promotion.

Next 90 Days

Unlock your 5 Areas of Abundance.

Next 90 Days

Continued Support

Next 90 Days

apply now!

* It's totally fine if you don't land your dream job in the 1st 90 days. It can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months for people to find the perfect fit.

You’ll know precisely how to land that dream job and how to use the same skills to repeatedly land dream job offers.

You’ll have the confidence and strategy to make more money without sacrificing your peace, joy, or glow.

Why you should join Fulfilled today & not next year.

If you wait, you’ll continue to fumble around trying to figure out your next career move, looking to Google and your girlfriends for answers. 6 months from now, you’ll wish you started today.

You’ve wasted enough time working jobs that don’t align with your purpose.

You’re losing money every day. Your joy is fading. Every moment you stay where you are in life is a moment you forfeit.

apply now!

Companies are doubling up on their diversity efforts right now. Be at the forefront of the vast number of opportunities that will become available. We’re in a unique moment in time and I want you to take advantage of it. 

I know you may be thinking...

I don’t feel like I’m cut out for this.

The result:

Unshakeable confidence, uncovered purpose, secured opportunities, and an abundant life.

This coaching and the community in this program is designed to take you from wherever you are to exactly where you want to be—with an unmatched level of care. You’ll be hard-pressed to Google and get the same results.

But, I’m sooo stuck.

We’ll help you shift your perspective and understand the strengths, skills and experience you bring to the table. You’ll never look at yourself the same way again. This is where our mindset coaching comes into play. Within the first few weeks you’ll see a shift. 

I’m in too deep and it’s too late for me to switch gears now. Can I really do something I’m passionate about?

We both know that your routine life is robbing you, sis. It wouldn't matter if you wanted to have a career taste-testing bacon substitute or creating cures that save the world. We can show you how to get there.

We’re in the middle of a pandemic no one is hiring.

False, companies ARE indeed hiring. We’ve had women land dream jobs in the past few weeks for MUCH more than they were making at their previous jobs. Many companies are also preparing to hire a ton more people as things begin to “normalize” (as normal as they can be in a pandemic).

We are so excited to see if you're a good fit to work with us in Fulfilled. Please take a minute to complete the form below so we can learn more about you and see how we can help you uncover your purpose, land your dream job, and live a rich life.

Please make sure to give as much explanation as possible. This is your chance to make an impression and let us know if you would be a good addition to Fulfilled! 


with Isimemen Aladejobi

Isimemen Aladejobi

Apply Now!

apply now!


How do the 2x a month group calls work? How do I know my question will be answered and I won’t be overlooked?

Unshakeable confidence, uncovered purpose, secured opportunities, and an abundant life.

I actually enjoy my job is Fulfilled still for me?

That's awesome to hear! Fulfilled ensures that you're taking all the next steps to position yourself for promotion and exponential growth in your career. There are many unwritten rules that keep people from progressing and we want to make sure you are aware of them. We'll help you grow and develop at TON as a professional.

What if I’m in the health/tech/education/manufacturing/underwater basket weaving/zookeeping industry? Will this work for me?

What if I’m in the health/tech/education/
underwater basket weaving/zookeeping industry? Will this work for me?

Regardless of your industry the strategies in the program work. I have used them, even as an entrepreneur to secure dream contracts and negotiate contracts. Whatever field your in the concepts and strategies you learn in MJB will serve you FOR LIFE. Honestly, this is a program that all professionals need. The amount of clarity, self awareness, and confidence that you gain from this program is incredible. 

What if I don’t land a job in 90 days? Does that mean I am behind or did something wrong?

Timeline is flexible. It may take you 6 months. We don’t want you rushing it. THe materials will be available to you. Success in this program will look different for everyone and the timeline different for everyone.

What is my level of access to you and the coaches outside of that?

The level of support - 2x times a month, then questions in the group that the team will answer. The group will have about 1 coach to every 50 people in addition to me and my support team. So there are more hands on deck. Thats how were able answer support and answer questions. And even if you can't show up to the call, the question you submitted that week, we'll answer it on the call and give you a time stamp of where exactly it is in the video.

What materials will require feedback?

Resume, cover letter, business idea, budget plan, etc. We provide feedback on materials to ensure you are heading in the right direction!

Does the program support those looking to transition careers?

We'll work together to access your bridge - the exact steps you need to take to showcase that you are a perfect fit for the new position.

We help you pull out those transferable skills and show you how they align to your career path.

If I land my dream job after 90 days, do I still need the program?

Yes it’s so much more than landing your dream job. It’s thriving in the workplace, preparing for promotion, mapping out your next move, building your side business, putting a solid plan in place to flourish in the areas that mean the most to you. With our support, it makes hitting those goals a reality.

How does the program work? Do we meet in person? Is it all online?

You will receive access to an online training portal where you can log in and access all the trainings, templates, and bonuses. The material is dripped out over a span of 3 months. It’s important that you complete the modules in sequential order because everything builds on top of each other.

Every 2 weeks we will meet on a private Zoom line and we’ll answer your questions, critique & review your materials.

In the private group, you will be able to share your wins, frustrations, and progress. We encourage you to share on a consistent basis.

What kind of results can I expect?

The program gives you the framework, strategies, tactics, and coaching necessary to win in the areas we discussed above. You will have to do the work (and there’s work in here lol) necessary and we can’t guarantee you will land a type of job at a certain time (there are SOOO many factors outside of the program and my company’s control), but you will have everything you need to win!

If you do the work, really do the work, you will see a serious shift.